Midnight Syndrome 2022

I didn’t wish to wake up
In the middle of my faith

Even it was better to believe
Anything and everything

My feelings were too strong
To break up with my beliefs

Those words and synonyms
Making the headlines on screen

Those well-dressed figures
Aromatized with lavender dreams

Those smiling faces united
In supplying deadlier weapons

Those cold-blooded strategists
Driving us mad for human bloods

I was quite comfortable with
All those rules and orders….

I was in support of their wars and
Vilification of their adversaries

I stood upright in the line
Waving only those flags, 

Stained with human bloods
Hidden under those bright colors

Flags, only those are not forbidden
Flags, only those had been supplied

I was not innocent, at all
I was determined rather

To choose my side, 
As we have been instructed

I didn’t wish to wake-up
I didn’t wish to think

I didn’t wish to know
I didn’t wish to see anything

Beyond permitted, beyond
Recognized as the unipolar cage…

I was still waiting even for more
Silent coffins with the dead weights

Of lost hopes and dreams ruined 
Beyond any grievance, allegation 

I was still waiting for more
Orphans and widows, homeless

I was still waiting for hunger
To spread like the wildfires

As I had been told to stand
Upright to save those rules

And those orders, of those faces
Smiling in unison, to deliver

Deadlier and the deadliest
Weapons to save democracy…

I didn’t wish to wake up
In the middle of my faith

I didn’t wish to wake up
In the middle of my faith

1st February 2023

NilavroNill Shoovro

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