Poetry is a means to transcend our personal visionary limitations to reach the cultural extensions of our traditions and inheritance in our ever changing present time. Poetry also keeps us constantly pushing towards the fast approaching future. Poetry communicates the emotions evolved from the nervous system of the poet to the very inner soul of the readers, without which a poem remains   unfinished. Poets use new metaphors, putting things in new perspectives in an attempt to make us see and feel things as if for the first time. They renew the old in their own styles to keep us attached with our traditions and heritage only to create a new dimension for the future, paving the present in a continuous manner.

Is poetry the supreme expression of the noblest human emotions: of love and sympathy; of awareness of the infinite value of life; of the realizations of the eternal truth through the strokes of individual talents of creative genius? Yes poetry is all these together in a single volume of human brilliance! And a poet’s life is the extension of human consciousness into the eternal essence of life and sympathy! His soul belongs to the future as well as to the present of his own time with the cultural heritage of his predecessors. So a true poet lives not only in his contemporary time but also in the time future with his cultural heritage projecting the eternal essence of human sympathy and consciousness.

Actually as an artist or poet or writer we have a legacy of our past which keeps alive in our present and becomes eternal in our future. This is the tradition of literary genius of which we are the torch bearer. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the individual talent only repeats itself in every age; on the contrary, individual talent illuminates the tradition in its unique personality and creative genius! The eternal expresses itself through this creative genius in every age. We in our limited capacity try to reflect this constant rediscovery of our individual talents in our relation to this literary tradition!

And the tradition of art and philosophy keeps our literature modern and alive in every age. We rediscover ourselves as an individual through our relation to this tradition. And the comparative re-evaluation of the eternal realizations shapes our individual genius as an artist or poet. It is the magic of poetry which every poet wants to live with, to explore and to put an individual signature of brilliance into it.