Fifth Octave

Nobody knows it, when
In the early morning
You called me up…

Nobody believes it, how
I used to lament, alone
Inside, in solitude…

Wandering in loneliness
Looking at the faces
All around, everywhere…

Nobody calls me like you
In such an intimate way
So intense, so profound

All the notes’ trumpet
In the fifth octave, even this
Closed room keeps on vibrating

Nobody knocks my door
From the outside, ever
None whatsoever

Of whom the prayer 
filled up the entire sky
Wind brings in whose news,

Nobody discloses 
Those secrets here
Ever, anyhow 

21st April 2023
A Tagore’s Song: Translated Into English By NilavroNill 
তুমি    ডাক দিয়েছ কোন্‌ সকালে কেউ তা জানে না,
আমার           মন যে কাঁদে আপন মনে কেউ তা মানে না ॥
          ফিরি আমি উদাস প্রাণে,   তাকাই সবার মুখের পানে,
                   তোমার মতো এমন টানে   কেউ তো টানে না ॥
                   বেজে ওঠে পঞ্চমে স্বর,   কেঁপে ওঠে বন্ধ এ ঘর,
                   বাহির হতে দুয়ারে কর   কেউ তো হানে না।
          আকাশে কার ব্যাকুলতা,   বাতাস বহে কার বারতা,
                   এ পথে সেই গোপন কথা   কেউ তো আনে না ॥

A Tagore's Song Sung By Debabrata Biswas

Everyone Knows

I know,
I need some rest
I need a shelter
I need someone’s care

I know
I’m too tired
I’m too overworked
I too need someone’s attention

I know,
I tried everything
I tried all the alternatives
I tried to find someone, caring

I know,
I worked in good faith
I worked with high hopes
I worked to find someone, attentive

You know,
You too need some rest
You too need a shelter
You too need someone’s care

You know,
You too are too tired
You too are too overworked
You too need someone’s attention

You know,
You too tried everything
You too tried all the alternatives
You too tried to find someone, caring

You know,
You too worked in good faith
You too worked with high hopes
You too worked to find someone, attentive

Nobody cares
Who needs some rest
Who needs a shelter
Who needs someone’s care

Nobody cares,
Who is too tired
Who is too overworked
Who too needs someone’s attention

Nobody cares,
Who tried everything
Who tried all the alternatives
Who tried to find someone, caring

Nobody cares,
Who worked in good faith
Who worked with high hopes
Who worked to find someone, attentive

6th March 2023


NilavroNill Shoovro

Forever And Always

It is only I, it’ll be I only 
Who feels the pulse of the Universe
Vibrating all the emotional chords

Celebrating every singular dream
Every little bit of hope, one can manage…
Even those moments of desperations

It was only I, the only one ever
Who could fathom down the abysmal state
History repeats during the epochs of time

Recording every detail
Of crime and punishments
Living together with sin and virtue

It is only I, forever and always
Rewriting all the epics, ever written
And will be written ever, every time

Following the mosaics of midnight-loves
Before and after falling asleep, or
Confessing everything to sleepless nights…

4th March 2023

NilavroNill Shoovro

To Whom It Matters

Who am I
Not anyone
You meet
Every day
Not someone
Trying best
To make a date
With you

Who am I
Not anyone
You would like
To walk along
Not someone
Hoping to kiss 
Your hand
With a proposal

Who am I
Not anyone
You long for
In dream
Not someone
Writing poems
To impress,
Win your heart

Who am I
Not anyone
You try hard
To forget
Not someone
Fooling around
Believing in 
Your love, anymore

2nd March 2023

NilavroNill Shoovro

You Know Nothing

If only you knew
The personal stories of
Kalahari, Sahara or Gobi

If only you knew
the lust for life of

If only you knew
The longings for oceans
Of the Alps and the Himalayas

If only you knew
The key to unlock the passions
Of a Van Gogh or a Mozart 

If only you knew
All my words, syllables
Dissolve into blank pages

If only you knew
Those blank pages, I write
Every day, I preserve in my heart

If only you knew
I cannot write a single line
Let alone poems, anymore

If only you knew
If ever I can write
I’ll write only you… 

1st March 2023

NilavroNill Shoovro

The Closed Door

A knock!
On the closed door…

Beyond midnight
Into the darkness
With zero visibility

Empty rooms behind
With only the silent flames
Of a single hope, 

The desperate melodies
Of basic instincts
And the eternal quest…

A knock
On the closed door…

Confusion all around
With temperature under zero
Frozen soul, transfixed

Fragments of faiths
Weak and feeble, without
Any particular destiny

Night after night
A knock on the closed door
A knock, punctual. And loyal…

20th January 2023

NilavroNill Shoovro

Sleepless Nights

Now I sit alone
Switching off the night lamp
Naked memories playing on…

Raindrops, trickling down 
Through the windowpanes’ 
Tirelessly one by one

Clouds are marching on
Like the infantry
Ahead of the artilleries

With a forecast of downpour 
All night, like a drunken stupor
I’m sitting alone, with me

Shadows of forgotten memories
Dancing around still
Like the sleepless nights

Looking through the fragments
Of the broken mirror
If you could call me once again…

19th January 2023

NilavroNill Shoovro

Today The 23rd!

Today is just an ordinary day
Nothing special for the world’
Or time and eternity

Nothing special for her
Or anyone I acquainted with
Those who could call me up

Winter is settling down
Christmas is knocking
Many are in festive mood

Standing in front of the mirror
Can help sometimes
Adjusting few mannerisms

It is time to retrospect 
Anything or everything
Associated with the past

Time to dive deep
Into the abyss of the soul
Getting acquainted with it

At least for once, and
With convictions beyond
Ignorance or blind faiths

Today is that day, Once
In a year how can I
Let it go like any other day…

23rd December 2022

NilavroNill Shoovro

Miles To Go

roads are empty
and I have 
miles to go

sky remains silent
and winter preaches 

lakes have frozen
and water 

ice has taken over the control
and the days and the nights 
reeling under

still I’m sitting idle
accompanying me

trying hard to select
all the pertinent questions
yes, all that

I need badly to answer
before everything collapses

shadows are waiting
encircling me with patience
since the very beginning 

22nd December 2022

NilavroNill Shoovro

Happiness All Around

Here time is running slow
Still modulating it, as I wish
According to my whims

Space around me is also
Not spreading so fast
Around the eternal void

I’m walking with the shadows
Of my moods, different in
Both curvature and linear actions

More often I follow them
Blindly, like the patriots
Believing every word, uttered

My mind remains at peace
Like the devotees, full of faith
With both eyes and ears closed

Both time and space around me
Wrapped my consciousness
And I am too happy with them

8th December 2022

NilavroNill Shoovro